Molasses containing:

  • Urea Only: Long Periods – If the urea is completely dissolved than there will be no separation issues.
  • Rumensin: 3 – 4 months – after this period of time the Rumensin starts to settle out and therefore the molasses at the bottom of the tank will have a lower concentration of Rumensin than the molasses at the top of the tank. After 3 – 4 months it’s a good idea to remix the molasses before feeding out. This can be done by simply pumping from the outlet at the bottom of the tank back through the outlet at the top of the tank for a couple of hours.
  • Protein Meals: Should not be stored in tanks. Protein meals do not dissolve in molasses and will separate, creating a very thick fluffy layer at the top of the molasses. This layer is very difficult to remove from the tank as it contains little molasses and does not flow easily. These types of mixes should be put straight into troughs in the paddock.
  • Other: Such as phosphorus sources, salt, etc – depends on the solubility of the product. If the product completely dissolves there shouldn’t be any problems with storage for periods of time, but always check the product’s expiry date and instructions. If the product is insoluble it would be advisable to not store the product in tanks but deliver the mix straight into troughs in the paddock. Intermediate solubility – again depending on the expiry date and instructions on the product being used you could store these mixes for 3 – 4 months.

If you are unsure seek advice from your sales representative or our animal nutritionist.