High protein supplements for breeder cattle in the dry season.

Dry season loose lick products provide essential extra protein and minerals needed to enable livestock to effectively utilise deteriorating pastures, thus improving feed efficiency, maintenance of body weight and improving reproduction rates.

Dry loose licks can be formulated for all classes of livestock from paddock weaners to breeders depending on country and pasture types and the severity of the dry. To help combat problems with dust, lick flicking and separation, Stocklick Trading can add liquid to your loose dry lick. Click here to learn more about how and why we use LIQUID IN DRY LICK.

Typical Daily Intake: 80-200 grams / head / day

Typical Analysis
Min Total Protein 100%
Maximum Salt 30%
Urea Equivalent 30%
Min Phosphorus 2%
Min Calcium 4%
Min Sulphur 2%

Stocklick Trading is committed to formulating a mix that will maximise your output whilst minimising your input. However if you would prefer a non-customised recipe, we have a large range of high quality stock product lines to meet all of your livestock requirements. Our Dry Season stock product line is second to none and we are sure to have product to suit your livestock needs.

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